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Monday, November 22, 2010

This Is My Crazy Attempt To Be Published

So how did I get here?
I don't really know.
All I do know is that since I was thirteen years old I wanted to write adventure novels for a living.
Yeah, right!
Well, like most of us with dreams, reality gets in the way. It did for me. Life went on around me and I ended up chasing other people's dreams for quite a few years. I've done a number of things... but none of them were what I really wanted to do.
I made one attempt at writing this novel. Several years ago I completed a draft and sent it off to a small publisher. And then I waited. And waited.
Ultimately, I missed out. They chose another novel to publish. I was crushed. It was the first time I'd really thrown my heart and soul into a project of my own... and I got rejected.
So 'Die By The Sword' went into a drawer along with that schoolboy dream of being a published author.
Now, many years later, I've decided it's time to dust off the old manuscript and re-work the story... because I'm stupid enough to believe everything deserves a second chance at success (even my little novel).
So here it is.
If you click on the 'Chapter 1' tab above this post, you'll find the first pages of 'Die By The Sword'. Each weekday I'm going to aim to write about 500 words. When 'Chapter 1' is completed, I'll add the Tab for Chapter 2, and the novel will continue.
I really hope you enjoy the story. I'd very much appreciate your comments. This whole process is a daunting adventure (more daunting than the action in the novel).
Ultimately, I'm hoping I can attract enough public support and Followers to this blog that a publisher or literary agent will take notice... and maybe, just maybe, that boyhood dream will become a reality.
Time will tell. But for now, it's on with the show. Click on the 'Chapter 1 Tab'. The first pages of 'Die By The Sword' are waiting for you to read!
Tony Moffitt

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